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John H. Boner Community Centers

The John H. Boner Community Center continues to be a strong supporter of Keys2Work, Inc. and the work it does on the near eastside of Indianapolis. Keys2Work’s history of successful employment placement and retention demonstrates the exceptional work you provide to those you serve. The John H. Boner Community Center supports the leadership Keys2Work has taken in the field of employment training and placement for low-income individuals. Without the help of your organization, Jannett, many youth and low-income individuals would be homeless, unemployed or turning to lives of crime. We have enjoyed working with you in the past and will continue to help provide referrals and wraparound support services to your employment program so that your organization can continue its mission of supporting employment opportunities for low-income individuals in Marion County.

James Taylor, CEO


Department of Public Works
The Department of Public Works (DPW) has had a strong employment partnership and contractual relationship with Keys2Work since 2012. One of the reasons we have been so pleased is their ability to provide us workers who have been trained in basic OSHA requirements as well as provide DPW-specific training prior to hire. This has proven to be very beneficial with increasing safety of the workforce. Furthermore, Keys2Work ensures that the workers sent to us are “work ready”, which has not been our experience in workers who have recently been released from prison or in work release facilities.

DPW has hired dozens of temporary workers from Keys2Work needed to cover for absent workers and seasonal work and from those workers have filled more than 40 permanent, union positions. The temporary workers who come to us from Keys2Work are among the first to be considered for these union positions. We know that our collaborative partnership with Keys2Work is making an impact on public safety and is contributing to the increase in employment in our community. These union “green collar” jobs provide an important pathway into legitimate work that can sustain a worker and their family.
Shawn Brock, Deputy Director


Kingmaker Foods
As a food manufacturer, our staffing needs can fluctuate suddenly. We’ve been lucky to partner with Keys2Work for those needs. I’ve been really impressed with the number of quality candidates they have been able to provide us. Also, Jannett and her team go above and beyond in helping employees access the supports they need to make them successful in the workplace. Prior to working with Keys2Work, I
was unaware of the challenges facing returning citizens and the challenges that the criminal justice system places on them. We’re proud to partner with Keys2Work and pay the wage so that people get a second chance. Our mission is to “empower people through food”, Keys2Work certainly helps us do that.
Geff Hays, CEO

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